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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

GREG - Caucasus Ground Attack

Author - Ltp0wer
Date - 02/03/2020 01:02:46
A SEAD/CAS/Anti-ship random mission generator supporting nearly all modernish ground pounders.

Is flying the same planes against the same targets above the same dirt in all your "go-to" missions starting to feel like Groundhog Day™?
Don't worry, Murray! With Greg you'll know nothing. Not the mission, not the targets, not even what plane you'll be flying!

Does the Create Fast Mission generator consistently let you down like a cute but naively irresponsible sponge neighbor?
I won't kid, Squid. Greg will only give you a SEAD mission and loadout if there are anti air units. Relax with your clarinet and fly!

Does the gimmick of not knowing anything before you start flying sound appealing?
Greg spawns random groups of units at random speeds and altitudes with random missions, payloads, and waypoints.

Give it a fly ;)

(Supporting A10A, A10C, AJS37, AV8B, C101, F5, F14, F16, F18, F86, M2000, JF17, L39, Mig15, Mig19, Mig21, Mig29S, Mig29A, Su25, Su25T, Su33, Ka50, Mi8, and UH1H)

1) Open this mission in the mission editor and delete the aircraft you don't own.
2) Start the mission and sel ect the "RANDOM" Su-25t role on the RED side (or a different aircraft you really want to fly).

Within seconds, you will be flying a random aircraft against a random set of ground targets.
Greg will spawn all units, INCLUDING YOU, at random speeds and altitudes, after the mission has loaded.

Choose any of the other aircraft in the role selection screen to fly as only that unit but still against random targets.
    This mission supports the A-10A, A-10C, AJS37, AV-8B, C-101, F-5E, F-14B, F-16C, F/A-18C, F-86F, M-2000C, JF-17, L-39ZA, Mig-15Bis, Mig-19p, Mig-21, Mig-29S, Mig-29A, Su-25, Su-25T, Su-33, Ka-50, Mi-8, and the UH-1H.

How does is it work:
    Greg will generate ground targets for the for red side inside the zone called "red_spawn".
    Based on the units generated, GREG will allow SEAD, CAS, or Anti-ship missions.
    GREG will then generate the player within the "blue_spawn" zone with one of the above missions assigned with a relevant loadout.
    Any generated AI units will either be stationary or moving towards their side's bullseye.
    Move the bullseyes around to change the respective side's target destination.
    Move the zones around or change the size of them to control where the planes spawn.
    To start, the zones are placed with a slight overlap.
    This is hopefully close enough for the helis but far enough so that you aren't spawning deep into a SAM zone. It could still happen ;)
    If you're a masochist, put both zones and both bullseyes all on the same exact spot.
    You will spawn among the fray, falling victim to SAMs or becoming one with the earth.
    Greg is set by default to smoke targets.
    To change this, go to the triggers page, find the "---SETTINGS--" doscript trigger and change the "smoke_targets = true" to "smoke_targets = false"
    At the moment, Greg doesn't create elaborate missions with strike packages and escorts with desired times on target and stuff.
    While not super deep, Greg does some thinking about the missions he creates, like making sure he's not spawning a harrier at 80k feet going mach 1.5 (anymore).
*Select Random Player Aircraft:
    Greg can't figure out what the player owns, so he scans the map for flyable aircraft that are set to "late activation" to add to the player's plane list.
    He can't scan aircraft set to "Client" so I needed to place AI aircraft for him in the mission.
    FOR THE RANDOM PLAYER AIRCRAFT TO WORK, you need to delete the aircraft you don't own or don't want to fly in the mission editor.

    To select the random player aircraft option after starting the mission, choose the Su-25T role labelled "RANDOM" on the red side.
    Once loaded, you'll be in a Su-25t and the first scripts will load, setting up Greg.
    Then the main Greg script will load. Your system will hang for a period of time 5 to 20 seconds, depending on how many units you're spawning and how powerful your PC is.
    Then you will be in your aircraft ready for battle!
For Nerds/Deeper customization:
    In the mission editor, go to the triggers page.
    There are two triggers, the first for settings, the other for the main Greg script
    On the first/settings trigger, labelled "SETTINGS", there are 3 script runs.
    The first, "(--DON'T EDIT---)", is where all the aircraft and other things are defined. You shouldn't edit this unless you know what you're doing.

    The second, "(--EDIT LISTS---)", contains lists covering which units, missions, and start types are allowed for blue, red, and the player.
    Before we continue, it is easiest to press Ctrl+A in the script text box to select all so you can copy and paste the whole code to a text editor.
    One of the lists looks like this:
        [Group.Category.GROUND] =
    This is the ground unit types list for the red side. You can see that we have disabled RADAR and UNARMED by adding two dashes (--) in front of those options.
    So if you only want to fight SAMS, you would add an "--" in front of everything else like below:
        [Group.Category.GROUND] =
    Closer to the bottom of the same (--EDIT LISTS) script, you will find the player lists. There is a list for start types called:
        ["STARTS"] =
    To enable airbase spawning (everything but "turnpoint"), airbases need to be set in the mission editor for the coalitions needing bases to spawn at.
    Click on the name of an airbase in the mission editor and set the coalition to the side you want. Greg will try and use the closest airbase to the spawn zone.
    The third DO SCRIPT, "(--SETTINGS)", contains all the settings for Greg. There are two sets of identical settings. 1 for the blue/blue side and 1 for the red.
    It looks like this:
        guns_only = 0 (This will remove all equipment fr om pylons leaving aircraft with their internal guns. You can also select the "RANDOM GUNS ONLY" Su-25t)
        smoke_targets = true (Greg will put blue smoke on blue ground and naval targets and red smoke on thems)
        player_side = "randomish" (this can be set to "red", "blue", "random", or "randomish")
        disable_player = false (if you want to use your own player unit in the mission editor with your favorite loadout, disable_player = true will still spawn all the other greg units).
        choose_player_from_mission = true (you might have noticed a list of aircraft for the player in the lists script. If I didn't want to place all those units I made you delete, I'd set this to false and greg would refer to the list instead)

        --blue SETTINGS
        greg_settings =
            [coalition.side.BLUE] =
                ["unit_per_group"]         = {["min"] = 1, ["max"] = 2}, --how many units spawn in each group. aircraft groups have a dcs cap of 4
                ["plane_group_number"]     = {["min"] = 1, ["max"] = 1}, --how many plane groups to spawn
                ["heli_group_number"]     = {["min"] = 0, ["max"] = 1}, --(spawn between 0 and 1 heli groups)
                ["ground_group_number"] = {["min"] = 0, ["max"] = 0},
                ["awacs_enabled"]         = 0,                             --0 is off, 1 is on, anything else is random.
                ["spawn"]                 = trigger.misc.getZone("blue_spawn"), --sets spawn to the blue_spawn zone
                ["target"]                 = coalition.getMainRefPoint(coalition.side.BLUE), --sets the target for blue groups to the blue bullseye
    After editing the settings for both groups, launch the mission.
    Once loaded, the first scripts will load, setting up Greg.
    Then the main Greg script will load. Your system will hang for a period of time 5 to 20 seconds, depending on how many units you're spawning and how powerful your PC is.
    Then you will be in one of the allowed player aircraft ready for battle!

Known Issues:
    - The Su-27, J-11A and the Mig-29G all have AGMs but no CAS loadouts shipped with the game. I kinda wanna add some but I don't know.

    GREG Stands for "GREG Random Engagement Generator", and is a project I've had a lot of fun working on the last few months.
    I used some sounds provided to the hoggit community by deadlyfishes. He's the guy behind the very popular "Through the Inferno" missions.
    I'd check out his website,, if you haven't heard of them. They're awesome.
    Thanks deadlyfishes!
    This mission is a companion to two other GREG missions, but the first focusing on air to ground combat!
    "GREG - Gulf Random Engagement Generator" is the original which currently runs a way older version of Greg.
    "GREG - Random Air Battles" is GREG, but focused on air to air combat in the Caucasus.
    I am a novice programmer so I'm sure it's full of bugs, but it's been a blast!
    Let me know what you think!
Change log:
    --Initial release
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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