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DCS World 2.5
SA342 Gazelle


Uploaded by - littlepe
Date - 01/16/2020 06:37:44
There is an enemy cargo ship anchored just off the coast - close to the border south of Batumi.  We know that it is loaded with arms waiting to be picked up by enemy troops.

The SBS have a mission to sink the ship by planting mines on its hull - they need our help.

A recce' party has been to the ship location and dropped a red and white buoy in the sea where they want us to drop the troops and inflatable boat - just out of range of any nasties on the ship.
Transport the SBS troops and inflatable boat to the drop off point - a red and white buoy in the sea - hover over the buoy and drop them off.
The buoy is at waypoint 1 - already loaded into Nadir.
If necessary - give protection to the troops as they go alongside the ship and lay mines.
Co' will be along to help and guide.

Desired skills - stable hover - use of Nadir - continence.
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