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Pennzoil - 400

Uploaded by - FourSpeed
Date - 01/08/2020 07:32:39
My first Single Player mission for DCS.  Hope you Enjoy!

Fly either:

Blue Angels F-18 Lead, or a local Huey News Chopper during the opening ceremony for the Pennzoil-400 race in Las Vegas.
Depending on which role you choose, and how you fly it, the mission should take about 40-60 mins.

(PS> Thanks to Heater741 for inspiring the idea, based on his mission - I hope I could add a little spice to the concept)

It is March 8, 2015, and the Pennzoil-400 Race is being held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

As the player, you may fly in one of two different roles, and the AI will fly the other.

The first role is as the Flight Leader of the famous Blue Angels. Your job is to take-off from
Nellis and lead your flight of 3 Hornets in a flyover of the stadium, at a specific time to
coincide with the National Anthem, and then return to Nellis afterwards.

Your second choice is to pilot a local news chopper from McCarran International Airport to
"film" the opening ceremony, anthem, and Blue Angels flyover, and then deliver your "footage"
back to McCarran in time to be processed and shown on the 6 o'clock news.

The mission briefing will fill you in on the details, for whichever role you decide to fly.

Enjoy, and Good Luck!

Jan. 2020
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