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DCS: World 2.5
JF-17 Thunder
Operation Black Bear 1.5

Operation Black Bear 1.5

Type - Campaign
Author - JonathanRL
Date - 24.07.2020 07:19
JF-17 Thunder: Operation Black Bear tells the story of Kuban Security as they are drafted into the Second Russian Civil War to prevent the Russian Federation to once again fall under Communist Dominion.

Key Features:

* Fly the JF-17 Thunder in defence of the Motherland against those who would return it to darker days.
* Perform ten missions such as combat air patrol, anti-ship, low level attack and deployment of precision munitions against a large variety of targets.
* Work together with the Russian Air Force and your co-workers in Kuban Security to bring peace to the Black Sea Region.
* Fly together with a friend in the additional Co-Op Campaign!

The Second Russian Civil War
Operation Black Bear

In the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis, President Boris Jeltsin attempted to crush the Highest Soviet by laying
siege to the Russian White House. While the Siege itself was successful and the house taken, many Soviets managed
to escape Moscow and spend the following years rallying forces and support in the outlying regions of Russia with
the ultimate aim of crushing the Capitalist regime in Moscow once and for all.

With the casualties from Russian invasion of Georgia and conflict in Chechnya making Putin's rule more unpopular
in many parts of Russia as well as effects from the 2007-2008 financial crisis in the United States, many Russian
Citizens long for a return to the old ways, lending further support for the Soviet leaders in hiding. November 2013,
they make their move, triggering a coup with military support. The coup however fails due to overwhelming support
for Putin in the west and north of Russia. The Soviets fall back to their heartland of central and eastern Russia and
prepare to take power the long and hard way - The Second Russian Civil War has begun.

You are a pilot from Kuban Private Security, a PMC established in 1999 to sell air support services to clients all over
the world. Retiring ex-Swedish Air Force AJS 37 Viggens, you are in a transition period to the JF-17 Thunder.
You and your colleagues have been enlisted by the state to provide air combat services in the war against the Soviet Insurrection.

Support and Feedback Forum Thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=260091

Unzip the Missions folder into the Saved Games folder.
Unzip the Mods folder in your main DCS Folder.
Unzip the Liveries folder into the Saved Games/DCS Folder

The campaign will be visible under the JF-17 Tab in Campaigns.

1.1 Fixed the AJS Viggen Skin Bug. Kuban PMC skin should now be visible in all missions.
1.2 Fixed Campaign Progression Bug.
1.3 Implemented second Campaign Progression Bug Fix; Added radio frequencies for mission relevant flights to mission briefing.
1.4 Hopefully fixed Mission 2 progression bug for good. Fixed Livery bug caused by update. Fixed Mission 2 loadout bug.
1.5 Loads of fixes. Check the support thread for full list. Co-Op Campaign added.
1.5.1 Minor fixes to mission 1, 3 and 10.
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