Persian Gulf F/A-18c - Support Apaches at Lar

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Persian Gulf F/A-18c - Support Apaches at Lar

Persian Gulf F/A-18c - Support Apaches at Lar

Author - toutenglisse
Date - 13.01.2020 02:22
Update : I modified spawn zones logic, so when a hostile group is destroyed, the next one can't spawn in the same zone.
Also some small changes (typo, usage of dynamic weather...).

This is a SEAD/CAP F/A18-c mission in Persian Gulf with randomness using MIST Script.

Apache group "Springfield" (3 AH64-D) is taking off from recently captured Lar Airbase, to search and destroy hostile groups (spawning randomly) that took position in the vicinity during the night.

Your flight of 2 F/A-18c follow the Apaches ("hot" start). Your task is to suppress and destroy SAM units inside hostile groups, that would be dangerous for Apaches (primarly Sa8 - Sa15 and Sa19, others to your appreciation).

When a hostile group is spotted by scouts, your flight and Apaches flight receive coordinates that you can consult on F10 radio menu.

You'll also provide air defense against eventual hostile fighters (random type/position/time).
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