Bodyguard ( Defending a Carrier Group)

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Bodyguard ( Defending a Carrier Group)

Bodyguard ( Defending a Carrier Group)

Author - pgazaille
Date - 27.12.2019 08:00
A 2 sequentials activities mission. Surrounded by the immersion of a carrier group in motion, its own tanker, awacs and rescue chopper moving around endlessly, you will take off from the carrier and execute anti-ship warfare.
This game regroup carrier ops, naval strike and combat air patrol (A2A). At the end of one operation, the next one will be triggered and so on...

1 Carrier group with its air defense fully functionnal.
4 FA18C and 2 AV8B to choose from.
1 S3B Recon plane will Lase the target (1688).
(Randomly choosen patrol ship will be detected in a 200km/100km zone)
1 Awacs E2D plane circling over the carrier
1 S3B Tanker to provide with emergency fuel

The mission system will allow you to solo attack the patrol ship. Using missile you will terminate your target. The Ship will be either a Molnya, a Grisha or a Rezky and it will go randomly from some points to some other and then patrol a 30km circle at 28km/hr. If it comes too close to the Carrier Group ( small % of probability ), our fleet will engage with missiles, in which case you will likely need only on sortie to close the deal.

If the ship has transmitted a mayday before going silent, a small squadron will be dispatch from neighbouring countries to poke some fun on our armada. Your assistance will then be desired.

When tired of these requirements, you choose to land on the Stennis, an F10 menu with Airboss commands will be accessible so you can easily smoke your landing pattern or flash the marshalling zone for an as real as possible Carrier Ops moment.
(all of this use MOOSE scripting framework with MIST and CTLD )
Going solo on a ship will require multiple sorties. If you succeed in scuttling the ship, a counter strike will be mounted against the fleet, which you will be needed to defend.
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