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DCS: World 2.5
Demons of the Round Table SP/MP

Demons of the Round Table SP/MP

Author - ataribaby
Date - 18.04.2020 01:47
Ace Combat inspired mission about air superiority fights over Area B7R aka "The Round Table".

Welcome in Demons of the Round Table is SP/MP PVP/PVE DCS mission simulating air combat superiority battle in fictional Ace Combat universe between Belkan Federation and Republic of Ustio over disputed Strategic Airspace B7R aka "The Round Table". Only one can be "Demon of the Round Table"!

Mission can be played solo in SP or with other players in hosted MP/dedicated server MP. There is always PVE element as world is populated with fighting AI for both sides.

If you tune to Air2Air Tactical Talkdown (see actual frequency/preset in briefing) you will be able to hear other AI pilots commenting victories or losses.

Mission duration is 4 hours and server should be set for loop missions. That way mission restarts automatically after 4 hours. Players get notifications to be able to land and finish their flights.

Enjoy and check six!

Nevada, Mig-21Bis or F-5 required.
Skins are included see readme.txt for installation instructions


04/18/2019 v1.32 - Fixed small error in persistence saving.
                 - Removed limited warehouses. Have no nerves for this to be broken after every patch.
03/28/2020 v1.31 - Added latest MOOSE for real now.
03/24/2020 v1.30 - Fixed for latest MOOSE and DCS Open Beta 2.5.6.
11/30/2019 v1.20 - Rewriten scoring system is points based now. Enemy Kill ... 1 PTS, Friendly Kill ... -2 PTS, Death ... -1 PTS, AWACS Kill ... -100 PTS.
                 - Only one pilot can be Deamon indicated by [Deamon] next to him in Top Ten. If there is multiple pilots with equal highest points no one is Deamon.
                 - Forced custom VR-friendly dot only labels without IFF color indication
11/29/2019 v1.12 - Upd ated pilot comments subtitles to match audio.
11/29/2019 v1.11 - Fixed Top Ten loading.
                 - Se t map F10 view to own AC only and disabled F5 view and Spectator external view
11/28/2019 v1.10 - Squadrons split into two wings (normal and aces) to prevent duplicated pilot personalities
                 - Killing AWACS doesn't produce kill credit. It is pointless now!
                 - Added persistent Top Ten score saving/loading. To enable it comment out line "sanitizeModule('io')" in file \scripts\MissionScripting.lua inside your DCS/DCS server install.
11/28/2019 v1.02 - Added missing ASO-2 pods into Belka warehouse
11/27/2019 v1.01 - Fixed warehouses broken by patch
11/27/2019 v1.00 - Initial release
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 50.42 Mb
  • Downloaded: 178
  • Comments: 8