[Fictional] JASDF 2019 Special Markings 1.51

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
[Fictional] JASDF 2019 Special Markings 1.51

[Fictional] JASDF 2019 Special Markings 1.51

Type - Skin
Author - _Akatsuki
Date - 28.05.2020 11:04
This package contains 3 special JASDF liveries from 2019.

The first one is from the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (airframe 13-8513) with the "Final Year in Misawa" special livery.
The second one is from the 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron (airframe 33-8523) with the squadron's 60th anniversary livery.
The third one is from the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron (airframe 13-8514) with a special marking.

These liveries were made by azbee_VBI using my base 6th TFS livery. They were intended for private use only by azbee but they looked so good that i asked him if i could publish them, luckily he agreed!

-2020-05-29: Version 1.51 better panel lines and rivets all around & minor additions.

NOTE: to see the custom canopy select the TINTED canopy in the F-16 special tab.
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