Top Gun - "Clean 'em & fry 'em"

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Top Gun - "Clean 'em & fry 'em"

Top Gun - "Clean 'em & fry 'em"

Author - Ozone1
Date - 20.11.2019 09:27
Fly the first scene in Top Gun as Maverick and intercept an unknown contact approaching the carrier.

I know, I know... This is some proper Maverick larping. But I did it for the fanboys.

If you have any issues, try reading the mission hints or go rewatch the beginning of the movie...

All you need is the F-14 and the VF-1 livery by Gizmo. ?? (Like you don't already have it ??)

Enjoy, and don't fiddle in the editor or you're bound to break something...
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