I-16 skin: Gee Bee Model Z racer

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DCS World 2.5

I-16 skin: Gee Bee Model Z racer

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Cvetka Safiren
Date - 11/17/2019 23:24:55
Repainted the I-16 to look like the Gee Bee racing plane in The Rocketeer. Nothing else to it.

I watched the Rocketeer again recently and was inspired to repaint the Rata to look like the Gee Bee.

It's only approximate since they're actually pretty drastically different in shape, but the I-16 is the closest one for the job, so here we are. I swapped out the Granville Bros./Gee Bee info on the tail for Polikarpov stuff, and the "City of Springfield, Mass." nose art of the original plane is replaced with the four leaf clover and playing dice seen on the replica in the movie - not that the Springfield art would fit around all the exhaust stacks on the I-16 cowling anyway.

This is version no.1; since there's no official paint kit out yet this is hacked out of the vanilla unmarked green skin, which limits the quality (as does the plane having kinda bad UVs, getting the linework to look okay was a fight.) If/when the paint kit comes out I'll probably remake the whole thing from scratch.

Please do not redistribute without permission.

"You treat 'er nice Clifford, she's gonna take us all the way to the nationals."
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