M-2000C Cockpit Indication Fix

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DCS: World 2.5
M-2000C Cockpit Indication Fix

M-2000C Cockpit Indication Fix

Type - Mod
Author - sedenion
Date - 31.05.2020 08:34
Patch/mod for DCS Mirage 2000C by RAZBAM to fix and enhance the visual of cockpit main displays and indicators such as HUD, radar screen, RWR and liquid cristal displays for both a better fidelity to the real aircraft and a better visual experience.

All symbology elements size, position and proportion of elements with each others were carefully and patientely adjusted to better reflect the real ones according footages, photographies and best guess.

* Version 1.62 (05/31/2020) for DCS World

Fix and enhancement details:

* HUD Symbology Rework :

  - New HUD font, two separate textures for large and small text
  - Adjusted HUD font dot character width for correct font spacing
  - New "zoom-proof" HUD heading tape texture with corrected ratio
  - Fixed HUD heading tape mipmaping problem
  - New "zoom-proof" HUD symbology texture with harmonized style and tickness
  - HUD elements rationally aligned together according real data & best guess
  - Fixel HUD dynamic elements opacity and brighness control
  - HUD symbology color adjusted and default opacity fixed.

* VTB (radar screen) Symbology Rework :

  - New VTB font texture
  - New "zoom-proof" VTB grid textures with correct alignment
  - Fixed VTB grid textures mipmaping problem
  - New "zoom-proof" VTB heading tape textures with corrected ratio
  - Fixed VTB heading tape mipmaping problem
  - New "zoom-proof" VTB symbology texture
  - VTB grid, font and symbology textures style harmonized with screen effect
  - VTB elements rationally aligned together according real data & best guess
  - VTB symbology color slightly adjusted

* RWR Symbology Rework :

  - New dedicated RWR font texture
  - New RWR symbology texture
  - RWR font and symbology style harmonized with screen effect
  - RWR elements rationally aligned and adjusted for better readability
  - RWR symbology color adjusted

* Miscellaneous Cockpit Displays Rework :

  - New PCA font texture closer to the real digital display
  - PCA digits position slightly corrected
  - PCA digits color slightly adjusted
  - New common digital cristal font texture
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