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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper

F-16C Smoke Mod (v3.0) FINAL VERSION

Type - Mod
Author - Razor97
Date - 10/29/2019 09:44:15
F-16C smoke mod (wingtip smokewinders included as of v1.035) made by Razor. Current version: v3.0; Tested in DCS World: OpenBeta v2.7.5.10869

##IMPORTANT NOTE: The FINAL version of this mod was released for DCS Open Beta v2.7.5.10869 on August 23rd, 2021, it will no longer be updated, and any version after v2.7.5.10869 is likely to break functionality and is likely to CAUSE YOUR SIM TO CRASH. If you would like to update the mod yourself past v2.7.5.10869 please see the note at the bottom of the description. ##

This mod allows you to arm the F-16C with smoke (white and most colors) on a specific pylon like with the hornet. The readme contains very important information regarding the operation of the smoke, please read it first if you have any problems.

Installation: Installation: If you use OvGME this can be installed using your main directory (root) folder, otherwise to manually install it place the 2 folders contained in the "Thunderbirds Mods (Main Folder)" folder (CoreMods, and Mods) in the root directory of DCS; Typically found here: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2.5 OpenBeta" -- This will not work in Saved Games.

Further updates and redistribution via the userfiles are approved so long as you give credit in the description (see note for details). This has only been tested on the open beta version listed below, it may fail to work on other versions

v1.0: Initial release (DCS: OB v2.5.5.38140)
v1.01: Update to allow INS to operate as designed (DCS: OB v2.5.5.38756)
v1.02: Update to allow lights, CMDS, and others to operate as designed, also added a WIP spring to the stick for constant forward pressure (DCS: OB v2.5.5.40269)
v1.03: Update to allow light fixes among other bugfixes to operate correctly. (DCS: OB v2.5.5.40647)
v1.035: Fixed the smoke.lua file from v1.03 that caused the system to output the weapon in the top right corner of the screen. Added wingtip smokewinders as equipable weapons (DCS: OB v2.5.5.40647 & DCS: OB v2.5.5.41256)
v2.0: Update to allow many fixes to operate as intended, and for the jet to work in 2.5.6; may break functionality if used in 2.5.5 (DCS: OB v2.5.6.43931), re-added readme
v2.1: Update to align with current OpenBeta, also added a 'timer/stopwatch' joystick command for use flying TB solos, added some net animations. (DCS: OB v2.5.6.47404)
v3.0 (Final): Update to align with current OpenBeta, created tutorial (linked below), and removed F-15 smoke mod (system changed by ED) (DCS: OB v2.7.5.10869).

--Known Bugs--
Going into burners with smokewinders currently will turn off the smoke in v2.0/2.1(/3.0?).

Note: If you wish to update this mod I have made a tutorial video on how to do so, which you can find here(replace the dot with a . ): youtu(dot)be/5sO3O9darg4
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