IAF F16C Barak 115 squadron - "Flying Dragon" - Aggressors

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DCS: World 2.5
IAF F16C Barak 115 squadron - "Flying Dragon" - Aggressors

IAF F16C Barak 115 squadron - "Flying Dragon" - Aggressors

Type - Skin
Author - Wolfthrower
Date - 14.10.2019 07:43
A recreation of the Israeli Air Force F16C single seat Barak from the 115 "Flying Dragon" / "Red" Aggressors Squadron  

----------How to use------------
place the two folders in your C:\Users\*User Name*\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-16C_50
you'll need to create the "F-16C_50" folder if its not there.

--------Work files and F16C Template--------------------
with this skin i'm providing all of my work files in psd format  (photoshop 2019)
which include :
120 decals , all in vector form, as smart objects. placed in their real life places on the jet.
guide layers with colors for every part so you can work better in the model viewer.
detail layer of panel line and rivets in black and white. - put in multiply over the solid color layer.
weathering layer.

you can find these work  files here :


-------working on the wings----------
there's only one working file for the wings. since its a template for both.
to work on the right wing, work normally and save the dds file as F16_bl50_wing_R.dds
to work on the left wing - first flip horizontal the canvas ( in photoshop - image tab > rotate image > flip canvas horizontal). place everything you need on the respective layers, flip back and save as F16_bl50_wing_L.dds

hope you'll like it :)
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