Eastern Friendship Mission 4 - Viper Edition (updated February 22, 2020)

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
Eastern Friendship Mission 4 - Viper Edition (updated February 22, 2020)

Eastern Friendship Mission 4 - Viper Edition (updated February 22, 2020)

Author - SEDLO
Date - 23.02.2020 03:02
Today’s mission will focus on attacking Russian military and intelligence operations in and around the Sukhumi area.  Targets include Russian Air Force transport aircraft and MiG-29s on the Sukhumi Airfield, plus Russian shipping and ammo storage north of the airfield.

COLT 5 flight’s primary mission is to bomb the weapons storage bunker adjacent to the shipping docks, north of Sukhumi Airport.  If unable to locate or get weapons on this target, COLT 5’s secondary mission is to bomb any aircraft on the runways at Sukhumi Airport.
Battlespace CCC will be via MAGIC and strikers will coordinate on 369.1.  Remember to maintain radio and radar silence until after strike push time of 05:40.  COLT 51 PUSH TIME IS 04:42 (CODEWORD TOYOTA).






Radio and Radar silence must be maintained fr om engine start up until push time of 04:42.  Any radio or radar transmissions may alert the enemy!
Some aircraft in this strike package are not capable of HAVE QUICK, so all comms will be in the clear.  Use code words / brevity when and where appropriate.
Upon exiting target area, contact MAGIC on 369.1 with words.  Expect the overhead recovery at Kutaisi.


Colt 51 will taxi out AFTER Colt 6 flight, and not later than 05:30 and depart runway 08.  Left turn to WP.1, followed by a left turn to WP.2, maintain 1000ft AGL.  Marshall between WP.3 and WP.4 at 1000AGL.  Expect to push from WP.4 at 05:42.  

Things will happen very fast after push time and it’s very important that you set the jet up for combat while in Marshal.  Ensure that ECM/Chaff/Flares are set, make sure the bombs are set.  The plan is “One Pass, Haul Ass”, so make sure you get it right the first time!


The Russians have clandestinely re-enforced rebel ground forces in and around Sukhumi Airfield and the port.  Air Defences include multiple ZSU-23 emplacements along the airport and port, as well as mobile ZSU-23 Shilkas and SA-8 Gecko IR mobile SAMs. These may in fact be manned by active duty Russian Armed Forces and/or GRU/FSB personnel, along with special Russian “volunteers”.
The SA-6 site at Gudauta is off the air and in the process of being dismantled and is not expected to be a factor.  
We have received indications of SA-15 radar emissions east of Gudauta in the past 24 hours. Be aware of this extremely deadly threat.
MANPADs are expected anywhere in the AO, including on the Georgian side of the border.  

The Russian Air Force has currently 4 MiG-29 aircraft on the ground at Sukhumi Airfield.  These MiGs are expected to begin operations at any time, and have the capability of quick scramble.

Russian fighter aircraft are also currently based at Sochi, along with other bases north of the mountains.  We hope to be in and out of the Sukhumi target area quickly, before they can react.  

If any Russian fighters do get airborne, we will have a post-strike sweep heading north as the strikers are heading south.  
NATO fighters are cleared to fire on any hostile aircraft that is either,
•    Visually identified as hostile military
•    Declared hostile by MAGIC
•    Has fired on NATO aircraft or Ground Forces


METAR UGKO 020500z 07005KT 5SM –BR SKC -04/-04 30.17 NOSIG
TAF UGKO 200305Z 0205/0305 07005KT P5SM –RA FEW110 TEMPO 0210/0220 3SM BR –SN
UGSB METAR UGSB 020500z 09005KT 5SM –BR SKC -04/-04 30.19 NOSIG
TAF UGSB 200305Z 0205/0305 07005KT P5SM –RA FEW110 TEMPO 0210/0220 3SM BR –SN

Weather in the target area is forecast to be generally VFR, clear skies but visibility dropping down to 4-6 miles in light mist or fog.  Winds are going to be light out of the east.

The Jetstream is far north and will not be a factor.  Contrail altitude is forecast to be at 17,000msl.


UPDATE 2.0 – You will need to change radio frequencies in order for the mission to work.  Look for the prompts in game.
There are a few instances in the mission wh ere you will need to use the Radio Menu / F10 other menu to make a choice.  
You CAN use the standard radio menu items to:
•    Contact Magic (AWACS) 369.1
•    Contact Texaco 11 (air refuelling tanker) 328.5
•    Command your Wingman 142.1
Besides the examples above, you will not need to use the radio menu to contact ATC or other mission elements.  These will happen at certain times or when you pass certain waypoints, as long as you are on the correct radio frequency.  Make sure you have the correct frequencies active in your radios, and you use the correct radio transmit button!

**NOTE** When the voice over refers to the LEFT radio, that is your UHF.  The RIGHT radio is referring to the VHF radio **
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