DCS F-16C Viper VoiceAttack by Bailey v2.0.0

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F-16C Viper

DCS F-16C Viper VoiceAttack by Bailey v2.0.0

Author - Baileywa
Date - 10/08/2019 11:04:04
Hi everyone. Today I present to you my Voice Attack profile for the DCS F-16C. You'll be able to Voice Attack almost every single DED function, tune any frequency, and much more!
~Bailey 12OCT2019

Voice Attack Profile included.
READMEE included.
Keybind.diff.lua included.
Keybind.html included.

For those savvy Voice Attackers there may be some treats for you in the .vap. For those who aren’t as savvy, now there is something you can look forward to! Thank you all for downloading my VoiceAttack profile and I am sure we all look forward to what the DCS F-16C will have in store for all of us! Feel free to contact me on the ED forums (Bailey) or better yet on Discord (Bailey#6230). Remember that comments, questions, critiques, and requests are always welcome!


-Initial Release
-Tune Caucus and Persian Towers (both UHF and VHF)
-Tune discrete frequencies
-Tune Tacan Channels
-View any DED page
-Change Steerpoints
-Configure ILS Freq and Course
-Set Bingo
-And more! ™

-Added PG, Caucasus, and Nevada Tacans
-Added PG and Caucasus ILS frequencies and courses
-Added Cockpit Command and Macros
-Added all F-16C Control Binds as Voice Attack commands
-Added context sensitive MFD commands
-Added “Prepare for landing” commands
-Added Lazer code command

Planned Features:
-More DED stuff as ED releases it
-Set IFF codes, maybe
-Wingman Communications
-Kneeboard Cards
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