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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey

UH-1H Convoy Intercept v1.1 - BROKEN

Author - DefineHuman
Date - 09/14/2019 16:35:27
Update: Broken as of whatever patch broke missions.
Requires joe_rowe's Civilian Objects and SUNSTAG's NATO Personnel and Items mods. A remake of the Huey's QuickStart Ground Attack - Easy mission that adds a ground cold start to avoid the mid-air spawn bug, and provides some depth to liven up the battlefield and contextualize the mission in a backstory.

The past two nights have involved intense raids on separatist strongholds east of our FOB. The enemy's launched small harassment attacks from Pervomayskiy in an attempt to distract Pontiac from their mission. Due to the fact that insurgents have dug in further east of Pervomayskiy and possess air defenses near their training camps, none of our raids have pushed the needle, as they've had a steady stream of resupplies coming in from the east and south.

Despite the stalemate, HUMINT indicates that the raids have succeeded at exhausting enemy supplies further south, and they've dispatched a convoy from the town of Chernomorskaya headed for their southernmost OP in Kutaisskaya.

Destroying this convoy would represent a severe loss to the enemy's front lines, and could be key in depriving them of access to Krasnodar proper.
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