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DCS: World 2.5

Operation Snowfox

Author - Surrexen
Date - 08/08/2019 03:45:44
Operation Snowfox is a persistent, open world PvE playground for the Persian Gulf map. The mission will randomly choose targets throughout the map. You can fly any role you like, and if you are on your own, you can use the radio menu to request support flights of AI planes to assist you. Most modules have been included. You will be flying against Iranian forces, who are supported by the Russians. The mission utilizes Moose functions and custom scripts which have been included in the mission file.

To allow the mission to provide persistency, it is necessary to de-sanitize 'lfs' and 'io' in MissionScripting.lua. The mission will still be able to run without this, but persistency won't happen.

Current version is v131.

Check the mission briefing for AWACS/Carrier Group/Refuelling frequencies etc.

Notes on requesting support flights:
- CAP/CAS/Anti-Shipping/SEAD and Pinpoint Strikes are available to call in, you can choose the sector they will fly to
- Only one flight of each type can be active at any given time, so choose carefully
- AI flights will start near Khasab airfield and will await a "Push" command via radio when you are ready for them to proceed with an attack
- Pinpoint Strikes will only attack a mission target if the target is within the sector they are called to

Other radio options
- Check Current Objective will remind you what the current target is
- Target Report will give you coordinates and distance to the target, and if the target is a group it will tell you how many units are remaining in the group
- Abort Directives will allow you to send support flights back to base
- Skip Mission under Snowfox Options will allow you to put the current mission back into the pool and draw another one
- Snowfox CAP options will allow you to enable the Khasab Viper squadron, and separately, a choice between Fleet Defence Tomcats or Hornets
- Snowfox Sound Options will allow you to toggle sound events for weapon firing on or off

To Enable Persistency:

Inside your DCS installation there is a folder called Scripts. Inside that there is a file called MissionScripting.lua, if you want persistency to work, edit this file (make a backup first if you like) and make the bit that looks like this:

require = nil
loadlib = nil

Look like this instead:

require = nil
loadlib = nil

Once you have done that, start DCS and launch the mission. The mission will then write out a list of dead units and statics to a pair of lua files inside the DCS root folder (it will update this list periodically, every 2.5 minutes at the moment). Once these files exist, the mission will load those files when it starts up and remove the units and statics that were previously destroyed so you can pick up wh ere you left off

Note: MissionScripting.lua will need to be changed any time an update or repair is run.
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