Zephyr and Argus verses the Hurricane Heist - Voiced Feedback - SNG Mis - F/A18 Persian Gulf 2.5 ( no MODS required )

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Zephyr and Argus verses the Hurricane Heist - Voiced Feedback - SNG Mis - F/A18 Persian Gulf 2.5 ( no MODS required )

Author - preacher316
Date - 07/29/2019 22:40:27
A freak weather event is taking place on the Golf Of Oman and a group of insurgents are using the weather event to mask a robbery. The facility under siege happens to have a gold reserve that belongs to the crown prince and utilizes Russian made equipment for protection. The U.S. military has permission for some aircraft to be parked on location until the inclement weather passes. Because there is no one else on location that can,  you're being dispatched to help stop the criminals from escaping. You have about one half tank of fuel and your cannon is fully loaded. A local ground crew has loaded you with four IR Mavericks, and hopefully that should be enough?

A seal team was sent to help, but a few men from that team are now pinned down by a heavy armor unit and need air support. Flying in this weather is extremely dangerous because the wind is gusting to 100 miles an hour at times with a steady crosswind of upwards to 60 knts. You must get the seals out from under the heavy fire, then they'll make their escape out to sea. You'll have the call sign Zephyr, after the Greek god of wind, for good luck. You'll need some.

The insurgents now have in their possession, and under their control, two KA-50 attack helicopters and one transport helicopter. The KA-50's are surely going to try and stop your efforts and the transport heli might be part of their getaway, so put it down when the opportunity arises. Local police and security forces are moving towards the facility to help, but the only way out for the SEAL teams is going to be by boat. If they can get off shore and out to sea, they can be picked up. You will have the help of a spotter (call sign "ARGUS") located on a hill top overlooking the scene. He'll help you with target location and situational awareness. Because of the gusting winds, the only ordnance target-able is your cannon and AGM65-F Mavericks. You'll also be using AIM 120's and 9X's.


This script is an excellent example of an extremely complicated flagging matrix, as well as the triggering of multiple sound variables. As long as you do as your instructed by Argus the best you can, whether success or failure, the matrix of flags should end correctly. Each time you fly the mission, it will unfold a different voiced feedback scenario depending on what you do. To fly it on the outside, it looks like any other, but inside, it's truly an intelligent spaghetti of variable flagging responses to get Argus to say and not say what makes sense. It was just for the entertainment of making it that I made the triggers and flagging so complicated. Otherwise, few would ever put so much time into what this required to design; for just 15 minutes of air time. As many times as I've flown it to test, I still get entertained from the voiced feedback. I enjoyed the design challenge and I hope you'll enjoy the mission.
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