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DCS : F-5E Radar mod

DCS : F-5E Radar mod

Type - Skin
Author - Clorydric
Date - 31.07.2019 05:37
A simple mod to improve the AN/APQ159 visuals

As I was sort of bored by the arcade-ish look of our AN/APQ159 screen, I tried to make it slightly better.
Please note, this is ONLY a visual improvement of the B-sweep and won't improve the radar systems. It won't make better ground clutter or spotting/lock easier...

So, what does this mod do ?
1 - A few lua tricks to allow the b-sweep to travel across the whole screen. Not only the upper half.
2 - Center the DG/DM mode.
If you want to revert to the original (offset to x=-20), open "DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F-5E\Cockpit\Scripts\AN_APQ159\Indicator\AN_APQ159_page_radar.lua" and set "local ACQ_offset" to -20.
3 - Improve the B-sweep texture. Forget about the fat, uncluttered line on your screen. Sadly, I'm not able to make "dynamic" clutter, so it will follow the B-Sweep. Not disturbing unless you stare at your radar closely. Also avoid slow motions as the trick become very noticeable.
4 - Little bonus : another lua trick to add black lines to the controls indicator, according to the trim gauge. Should be easier to set the T/O trim without VR or TIR.

This mod pass Integrity Check. (Please report any IC-related issue if you have one)

Copy the "Mods" folder to "C:/Program files/DCS World/" or wherever you've installed DCS (main game folder, NOT your "saved games/DCS").
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 2.61 Mb
  • Downloaded: 202
  • Comments: 6
Tags: F-5E, Radar, AN/APQ159