Rogue Bear 3: Train Yard Strike

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DCS World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Rogue Bear 3: Train Yard Strike

Uploaded by - Habu_69
Date - 07/16/2019 21:14:00
Russian regular army forces, emboldened by their uncontested occupation of Crimea, have invaded the Republic of Georgia, using the Tbilisi-Senaki Hwy and Myussery Railway, southeast along the coastal plain corridor as the next step to reestablish the hegemony of the former Soviet Union. The joint effort by NATO forces, under US command, to thwart the Russian advance has been named Operation Rogue Bear. USAF has gained air superiority and CSG 3 Operations has planned a large-scale attack on the rail yard at Chushka peninsula, Russia, serving as a primary trans-shipment terminal supplying the Russian ground forces with materiel shipped from Crimea. Primary ground attack on rolling stock and equipment will be carried out by division of A-10C (Cowboy 3) from Maykop.

This mission is third of a set of six single-player missions related to a combined NATO/Republic of Georgia effort to repel a Russian invasion of Georgia along the Black Sea coastal plain in February 2020. Player flies F/A-18C support missions from the USS Stennis. Each mission includes a mission data card, voice messages and a custom kneeboard, especially helpful to VR users. MISSIONS INCLUDE MODS. I include mods because they help bring the somewhat sterile DCS worlds to life and enhance the player’s experience.

You are element of mission air group code named Rail Splitter and will lead your F/A-18C flight of 2 to destroy the train terminal shops and repair facilities. AWACS (Magic) and F-14B (Apache 3) TARCAP will provide support. Orbit WP3 until cleared by Magic. Then order Wingman to attack and follow flight plan to destroy repair shops at WP 5 and 6. Allow Stallion 3 at least 5 min. to neutralize air defenses; however, should Stallion fail to report full suppression of air defenses, you still may order high risk attack, or abort, using F10 menu item.

Mods needed:
VPC-Airfield Equipment Mod (Virpil):
["CrewBus Mod by SUNTSAG"] = "CrewBus Mod by SUNTSAG",
["WWII Armour and Technics"] = "WWII Armour and Technics",
["WW2 German V1 Launcher"] = "WW2 German V1 Launcher",
["VPC Object by voc &"] = "VPC Object by voc &",
  ["Chain-link Fence"] = "Chain-link Fence",
  ["USN-Deckcrew"] = "USN-Deckcrew",*
WWII Assets Pack (DCS module)
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