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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Log range bomb run Kerman

Log range bomb run Kerman

Author - Chervo
Date - 17.05.2019 11:46
Potentially dangerous Rebels have been detected in the high mountains near Kerman, You need to eliminate them by droping bombs.
Iran is on alarm and they know that you are around somewhere, you need to hide from their radars.

Fly mostly low (below 500 RAD ALT) to protect from different SAM stations and use the ground structure to hide from enemy Aircraft radar.
You need to safe fuel to return successfully to Stennis.
The wheater is not really in your favour, low Clouds are possibly covering the Target Area.

Land on the Carrier Stennis (Tacan 74x/ICLS 14) for refuel and rearm, use 3 extra fuel tanks and A2G Weapon of your choice.

Your main Goal is to eliminate the rebels at WP4 and WP5, you can use the WP as Target coordinates (elevation 11175 and 12254).

You need to calculate your Fuel very accurate for this long Trip,
Texaco is near Khasab in pattern.
Fuel flow should be around 50, fly around 400 Knots IAS, set your Bingo to 7500.
Fly back to Stennis.
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