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DCS World 2.5
UH-1H Huey

UH-1H High Altitude Search and Rescue

Uploaded by - gwdope
Date - 05/10/2019 21:31:31
Single Player search and rescue mission for the UH-1H Huey for the Georgian Map.  

You are a UH-1H search and rescue pilot working out of Zugdidi alongside your "colorful" copilot. A call came in late yesterday evening regarding a mountain climbing party that has not returned from climbing Mt. Tikhtengen. At about the same time local authorities received a garbled cell phone call that they believe came from the missing group, however they did could not make out any information other than there are injuries in the group. You will take off early the next morning to aid in search and rescue operations. Can you pilot your UH-1H through the picturesque and dangerous high altitude mountains and locate the missing climbers?  

*Requires "US NAVY deck equipment" Mod. This can be found in User Files by searching the same.  

This single mission will require you to use map based and FM navigation and to fly and land precisely at high altitude in moderate winds. This is set up with hot start but you can change that easily in the ME if you'd like. Objective locations are randomized to give some replayability.  
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