Operation Persian Gauntlet - Jane's F-15 Iran Campaign Reimagined (F-14B)

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F-14 Tomcat

Operation Persian Gauntlet - Jane's F-15 Iran Campaign Reimagined (F-14B)

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - GrizzlyBear83
Date - 05/10/2019 08:32:48
The breakdown of the Middle Eastern peace process has increased the anti-western sentiment in the Middle East, and with war brewing on the Korean Peninsula, the number of US military forces in the Persian Gulf are reduced to cope with this new threat. Only a single aircraft carrier remains to enforce the Iraqi no-fly zone.

The moderate president of Iran is assassinated and ultra-conservative clerics seize power and quickly denounce American presence in the region. Soon, under the cover of a major military exercise, Iran suddenly moves thousands of troops onto several disputed Gulf islands.

And when a US flagged tanker is sunk in the Strait of Hormuz, and many more oil tankers are damaged by mines, the world’s oil markets are in turmoil. The Strait of Hormuz has been closed to western shipping.

Your carrier strike group represents the majority of airborne striking power available to CENTCOM should air strikes against Iran

Revisions (Release Candidate 1.4, 2019-12-22):
•    AI wingmen don’t always attack targets in mission INB07_E, I’ve instead changed the scoring for that mission and you will succeed by only destroying DMPI#1, additional points will be awarded if AI wingmen manage to destroy their targets.
•    AI wingmen don’t always attack targets in missions INH12_E, INH13_E, INH14_E, INH15_E, INH16_E, and INH17_E. I’ve changed the scoring for those missions and you will succeed by destroying three enemy ground vehicles, you should be able to do that on your own.
•    Various other changes and edits to existing missions.
•    If you’re having crashes with the early anti-helicopter missions, use the campaign file in the “Optional Campaign File”-folder which omits the three anti-helicopter missions from the campaign structure. Just overwrite the regular “Operation Persian Gauntlet.cmp” file with the one found in the “Optional Campaign File”-folder and you’re done.

Original mission design: Skunkworks Baltimore Design Team

Mission re-creation, additional mission design, and additional text editing: GrizzlyBear83

•    Same storyline and briefings as the original Jane’s F-15 campaign.
•    A wide array of missions, from combat air patrols, anti-ship, carrier defense, CAS, and air strikes.
•    67 missions.
•    Noob friendly missions, you will always start on the catapult.
•    Be an integrated part of larger Navy strike packages with fighter and SEAD support.
•    US Navy centric campaign.
•    Target imagery for fixed targets.
•    Kneeboard page with mission essential information for all missions.

Author’s notes:

This is a reimagining of the Jane’s F-15 Iran campaign for the DCS F-14B on the Persian Gulf map. Most, but not all missions are recreated (or inspired by the original missions). There are some missions in the tanker war-phase wh ere I’ve taken creative liberties, and I also mixed two different tanker war-phases into one as originally one phase took place in the northern Gulf, and the other phase took place in the southern portion of the Gulf; my version of the phase obviously takes place in the southern Persian Gulf.

Due to that all of Iran is not available I did not create missions that had the player (in Jane’s F-15) flying in the west of Iran. And, as I’m still learning the DCS World Mission Editor, do not expect any fancy scripting and editing, these are pretty straightforward missions; fly in, bomb targets, shoot down some enemy fighters, dodge missiles, and get out.

As in the original missions, your friendly tankers will mostly be over protected air space, and sometimes the carrier is closer than the tankers. There are a few missions that are fairly long so fuel management is a must in some missions.

The placement of air defences and radars are based on the original Jane’s F-15 template, with some changes but also include some of the same targets (like the Silkworm batteries). Keep in mind that the static objects are not 100% in the same place as they are in Jane’s F-15, nor have I placed the exact number of objects as in JF-15.

I will also simulate a “dynamic battlefield” by destroying air defences and other targets that have been targeted during the missions. The more missions flown, the less air defences will be active.

The missions contain MacadamCow's "Oil Rigs And Gas Platforms", and the weapon factory from MacadamCow's "Power Plants and Weapon Factory - Static Template".

The missions contain some of pellelil’s ”Persian Gulf Kneeboard pages.”

Each mission comes with a custom made kneeboard with mission essential information, including the order you should select the waypoints in the Tomcat’s ancient navigation system. For strike missions it is usually: 1 (form up), 2, IP, ST, FP, DP (not all missions), 3 (tanker track), Home Base (landing). Air-to-air missions only have 1,2,3, and Home Base (landing).

Mission Design Philosophy:

• When dealing with strike missions on fixed targets (DMPI#1, DMPI#2, etc), your AI wingmen will never attack DMPI#1 as it’s not designated in the mission, DMPI#1 is to be attacked by the player. Your wingmen will attack the other DMPIs.
• Enemy air presence is randomized; you may encounter few to several Iranian aircraft in a mission.
• Your Fighter Sweep and SEAD support might perform well and you might not even get into air combat, or be attacked by enemy air defences. You might only have to focus on getting your bombs on target.
• Fighter Sweep support will fly ahead of the strike package and engage air-to-air targets.
• SEAD support will start on the carrier deck with your flight and will launch once you have cleared the catapults. You may want to linger a bit so SEAD support can take off and head out on its mission so you can have their support roughly at the same time as you close in on your targets. No penalties or triggers will depend on you heading out to the target area with SEAD further behind you. Well, except you’ll have to tangle with enemy SAM sites until HARM shooters arrive to engage their targets.
• There are triggers in all missions, and most are quite large so you should not miss them, but as long as you fly towards the waypoints you should without trouble activate a trigger. As a general rule, I recommend that you hit all waypoints on your way to the target.

Required files:
Latest open beta (as of 2019-12-22)

DCS Persian Gulf

DCS F-14

Recommended files (aircraft will revert to default liveries if not using any of the below):

F/A-18C Lot 20: VFA-82 Marauders Pack

F/A-18C Lot 20: VFA-86 Sidewinders CVW-1 Line Bird

E-2C/D Hawkeye Skin Pack

Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) Skins

IRANIAN F-14A ( IIAF & IRIAF ) Asia Minor & Blue-Sand [Generic]

IRAN ARMY AVIATION AH-1J(W) International Cobra (I.I.A.A. & I.R.I.A.A.) [Generic]


IRAN AIR FORCE (IRIAF) SU-24MMK Old Skins Pack [Generic]
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