342 "Spotty" Cheetah C Livery Pack for Mirage 2000C (v1.0)

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DCS: World 2.5
342 "Spotty" Cheetah C Livery Pack for Mirage 2000C (v1.0)

342 "Spotty" Cheetah C Livery Pack for Mirage 2000C (v1.0)

Type - Skin
Author - TaikunTier
Date - 02.05.2019 07:35
Turn your Mirage 2000C into 342 Spotty, South Africa's Pride, the Atlas/Denel Cheetah C.

The South African Atlas/Denel Cheetah C was the most advanced Mirage III derivative ever created, using technology fr om the IAI Kfir, said to have the same/more advanced capabilities of a F-16C. Cheetah C incorporated more sophisticated avionics and navigation suite and an improved pulse-doppler multi-mode radar (ELTA). The aircraft was also fitted with a data link and updated versions of the helmet-mounted sight as well as an upgraded version of the Atar 9K50 engine.

Serving in South Africa until their replacement by the SAAB Gripen in 2008. The Cheetah continue to serve in the Ecuadorian Air Force alongside ex-IAF Kfirs.

A Cheetah was painted in 1995 in a unique Cheetah livery, to participate in 2 v 1 dogfights at airshows for the South African Airforce 75th Anniversary. Becoming a crowd favorite, she retained her livery to this day, where she is displayed in the Air Force Museum.

To celebrate this beautiful aircraft, we at ZANDF have painted up our Mirage 2000C with the same Livery. We have also included 5 paint jobs of various pilots in our Cheetah Air Display Team. One of our pilots is Indian, hence the inclusion of the Indian flag.
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