Skynet - with Voiced Feedback - Hoover Dam Nevada F/A18

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Skynet - with Voiced Feedback - Hoover Dam Nevada F/A18

Author - preacher316
Date - 04/27/2019 00:08:21
The year is 2110 and the human race has been over run by cyborgs and androids. Cyborgs have perfected the manufacturing of android soldiers and use them to man their weapons. Humans all over the world have coordinated an attack and you will play a critical role.

Your team is tasked with destroying the main power source of the cyborgs for the Southwest. And you guessed it, the Hoover Dam. The dam area is protected by a magnetic dome shield they call "Skynet", as well as heavy ground to air defenses. It will take an expert pilot to access the one and only door in.

Your team is using a one hundred year old plane and one bomb, with one chance, and one pilot, that's you. Your on-board flight computer will help you make split second decisions to get a bomb on target and then hopefully get back to base before the cyborg police capture you. This script might be tough for a beginner, but I'm no expert and fly it all (most?) the time successfully. This run is just a ten minute challenge and chances are against you that you can make it the first time through. If you can take off, get a bomb on target, and make it back to the same parking space from which you left, mission accomplished and you have helped to free the world of the cyborgs.

As a new flier, my scripts are not militarily correct, factually correct, and just not correct. But, not easy too. But I think their fun, and you might think so too.
Scripts that have some kind of custom sounds seem to be more interesting, especially with situational feedback, so I'm trying to be creative and add just that.

If you like the script and want to see others, search for Preacher316 - more to come soon.
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