Speed Run Pistol Pete - with sound. - Persian Gulf F/A18

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Speed Run Pistol Pete - with sound. - Persian Gulf F/A18

Author - preacher316
Date - 04/15/2019 22:11:51
Test your piloting skills by completing a course run. You must control your speed, altitude and trajectory, all at the same time.
You're scored on your results at the end.  Extra points for cannon marksmanship. You'll know your airship better after you "make the grade".

After flying this training lesson over a few times, you'll be better at handling your aircraft in tight spots, and better at marksmanship.
My high score = 139, (20 targets down) what's yours?

Being bored with scripts that have too little instructions, I get lost and frustrated by flying 15 minutes looking at clouds, only to be shot down by a silent killer.
So I'm trying to make some scripts that are self explanatory and not complicated, for me. Also, a confirmation of completion is rewarding.
As a new flier, my scripts are not militarily correct, factually correct, and just not correct. But, not easy too. But I think their fun, and you might think so too.
Scripts that have some kind of custom sounds seem to be more interesting, especially with situational feedback, so I'm trying to be creative and add just that.

If you like the script and want to see others, search for Preacher316 - more to come soon.
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