DCS: F-14 - Brickdust's "Drunken Sailor" VR Friendly Cockpit [v0.5 - 10/06/2019]

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DCS: F-14 - Brickdust's "Drunken Sailor" VR Friendly Cockpit [v0.5 - 10/06/2019]

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Fubarbrickdust
Date - 04/06/2019 03:34:48
DCS: F-14 - Brickdust's "Drunken Sailor" VR Friendly Cockpit - Complete cockpit overhaul to increase use and legibility when using a VR HMD

Changes include:

High contrast/increased cockpit panel font.
Indication and warning light textures reworked.
All primary instrument readouts and gauges reworked.

Comes in 2 flavours:
BE (Black Edition) - Cockpit interior trim in 'Gunmetal Grey'

This mod will be regularly updated as I progress through both the pilot and RIO cockpits.

I'll be updating this mod during the foreseeable future as I work through both of the pits/texture files for the F-14. Of course, this will make it no longer an 'authentic' cockpit for the purists, but it should make a marked QOL improvement for us VR users.

I'll do the best I can to preserve the work of HB and keep the mod quality level as high as my skills allow, I won't be down-scaling or resizing entire texture files.
All alpha channels, normal and roughmet files will be worked on where applicable to preserve lighting and such. And I'll be doing my upmost to sel ect the best mipmap filtering/scaling filters to avoid blurriness and aliasing at distance.

This is my 1st proper go at doing a full cockpit texture mod. It's early days so please feel free to offer any thoughts, advice or constructive criticism on the project...Hopefully I'll be able to make a better mod with feedback.

OVGME/JSGME ready - Just pop it into your chosen manager and give it a whirl.
At the moment this mod is an instant IC FAIL, but as soon as HB implement custom cockpits I'll look at getting it into the relevant file structure format.

v0.5 - More RIO Pit...but not all.
RIO annunciator and warning lights added.
Additional RIO panels reworked - RWR, ECM, CMS, Lights & COMM/NAV CMD.
A few roughmet errors fixed.

v0.4 - RIO Pit Underway. Buttons Buttons Buttons!
1st pass on the RIO pit done - All centre and majority of left panels complete. All pushbuttons + back lights reworked.
Reworked compass instruments (after suggestion fr om forum member 'Larkis', thanks for the idea!).
Added pointer marks to RIO radio selector switch knobs.
Fixed TACAN dial number legibility issue fr om previous release.

v0.3 - Instruments, Gauges & Black Edition!
All major pilot pit flight instruments & gauges have been worked on - Higher contrast, increased font size & text alterations to increase legibility wh ere appropriate.
Finalised all indication light texures and made several tweaks.
Inclusion of BE (Black Edition) option - Cockpit trim can now come in gunmetal grey!
Fixed a few norm & roughmet channel bugs fr om previous release.

v0.2 - Pilots pit complete!!
All remaining functional panels have been reworked.
I will likely return for a 2nd pass to have a look at dials and gauges after completing the RIO pit.

v0.1 - Initial Release
Included panel reworks:

- Cockpit indication lights and textures.
- ACM Panel.
- Display Control Panel.
- Arrestor Hook Panel.
- VDI Panel.
- HSD Panel.
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