F-5 vs. F-14 - Call for a Really Good Time

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DCS World 2.5

F-5 vs. F-14 - Call for a Really Good Time

Uploaded by - TheHighwayman
Date - 04/02/2019 23:39:19
There's no messing around in this mission. You start in the air, and within a few minutes you're in hot against four aggressors flying the F-5. You can also edit the mission to fly the F-5 as an aggressor against the four student F-14s.

The point is to have a really good time while testing your skills in the airspace between Groom Lake and Creech.

Good luck!


- Either the F-14 module or the F-5 module
- Nevada Map

This mission is also suited for multiplayer.

Feedback welcome. I'm also happy to tweak the mission for players upon request.

This mission is suitable for multiplayer, the it simply needs the desired pilot slots set to "Client" in the mission editor.
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