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F-14B Tomcat Minimal Checklist

Type - Document
Uploaded by - joeyjojojunior
Date - 03/17/2019 18:44:31
An ultra-minimal checklist for the F-14B.

This checklist has only the essentials for startup. I also tried to arrange the steps in post-start to go from right to left in the cockpit as much as possible since I find this makes things easier to remember. I'm pretty sure no essential steps are missed, but please let me know in the comments if I'm wrong!

There are two versions included, black and white. To install, simply copy the image you want to add to the kneeboard to:

%userprofile%\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\F-14B

(Note: %userprofile% is just a shortcut to your user folder which would be something like C:\Users\YourUserName)

If the F-14B folder doesn't exist, you will have to go to %userprofile%\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\ and create it first before copying.
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