Pre-Plan CAS near DZHVARI

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Pre-Plan CAS near DZHVARI

Pre-Plan CAS near DZHVARI

Author - toutenglisse
Date - 14.03.2019 10:35
Your Pre-Plan CAS mission is to destroy a RED supply convoy trying to reach DZHVARI from the north, between WPT 3 and 4.
We have a BLUE Outpost on his road (near WPT 4) but with only light forces, you'll have to support them.
Convoy is composed of several light vehicles with two light-armored vehicles in front.

You'll take off following BLUE CAP (Uzi, 2 Hornets Lot20) and BLUE AWACS (Overlord). They will provide you cover against air threats.
You have two IR Mavs, 4 Mk-82 and a centerline fuel tank

Be ready to support any additional On-Call CAS asked by Air Boss (with coordinates/elev.), and eventually help BLUE CAP if in trouble.
Take decisions needed to achieve your tasks according events.
Special guest Ghost Goose is on air for some bonus objectives.

To succeed fulfill CAS tasks and get back to carrier (60%), assure survival of BLUE Outpost (30%) and enjoy Goose (10%).

2 versions : 1 requiring USN Deck Crew mod, and 1 requiring no mod.
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