Sea Eagle M05 - SIDEWINDER - MULTIPLAYER (two players)

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DCS World 2.5

Sea Eagle M05 - SIDEWINDER - MULTIPLAYER (two players)

Uploaded by - TheHighwayman
Date - 02/02/2019 05:20:04
This is a multiplayer version of the "Sidewinder" mission from the SEA EAGLE series.

This mission requires the A-4 Skyhawk (a free mod) and the Nevada map.

In this mission, two players fly A-4s as Sea Eagle instructors for the Navy, using the Nellis range for training in 1978. The instructors will operate out of Creech, and must ambush four F-4 phantoms flown by students in the Sally Corridor. The trick is to use terrain to ambush the students.

Be careful! A single hit, even in not fatal, will put you out of the mission. Can you teach the students a lesson they will remember? The mission includes random triggers to increase replayability.

This mission has been customed edited from its singleplayer form for user: assafm25. However, all are welcome to enjoy it!

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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