KA-50 Convoy Hunt "refurbished" single mission

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DCS World 2.5

KA-50 Convoy Hunt "refurbished" single mission

Uploaded by - BiBa
Date - 01/26/2019 19:24:49
I refurbished, cleaned and modified an old KA-50 mission "Convoy Hunt", where I noticed most of the old missions cause crashes in DCS World 2.5.

Also, the old version has always the same convoy popping on the same route, (boring in the long run) plus randomly two more and the AAAs can appear randomly up to 10, which means with bad luck you could be dealing with three convoys and 10 AAA, so your chance to survive is minimal. Point 3 on the map is the convoy goal. If it reaches it, you lose. The convoy search is in a 15 Kilometers North-East-South circumference from point 3. In case you're shot down, there are a couple of allied Tanks south of point 3 you can pick to clean up rest.  The Labels are set on Dot.

In my version, only one convoy is activated, but from four different routes and also three different AAAs (+ 1-speed boat) in four different constellations.  
4 x 4 = 16 combinations possibilities!

If you are not up to the task alone, your Wingman can provide help.
(All of the unit's names are easily recognizable to their group affiliation in the debriefing)

Have Fun!
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