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Uploaded by - TheHighwayman
Date - 01/26/2019 16:44:04
In this mission (3rd of a Top Gun-inspired series) you and your fellow instructors will show the students what a single, motivated attacker can do against superior numbers.

This time, you will fly down the Sally Corridor and overfly a target at Nellis AFB. You will be supported by three instructors, who will run interference for you against the students. But beware, there are many more of them than of you, and they will be armed with Sparrows. Good luck on your run!

This mission is the third of a series inspired by Top Gun. You fly as one of six instructors in the A-4 Skyhawk versus a dozen F-4 Phantom crews. The mission features a random trigger which changes the situation somewhat with each play, increasing replayability.

You will need to fly your waypoints for this mission to work, however it is not difficult if you mind the briefing.

Players must have the A-4 mod and the Nellis map to play the mission.

If you like this mission, be sure to search for the others in the Sea Eagle series. You can connect with me on the forums. Search for "TheHighwayman."
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