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DCS World 2.5

Lesson: Navigation Mission

Uploaded by - Leopold_191
Date - 01/20/2019 20:13:55
-------------------------In a Nutshell--------------------------------
This Mission is to learn to manually Insert waypoints
Fast on the HSI if needed in every situation without using the F10 map
First: Study the Briefing Before Taxiing or Taking-off!

Second: insert Coordination codes in the UFC to mark a waypoint on the HSI (Centered!)
Then go to the waypoint to bomb out the ground targets.

(Mission Does NOT count as success If waypoints are Not marked or centered)

Details are all in game!

-Game Ends when pressing 'Fly' after Briefing
-Text not Showing up in certain locations
-.......And so on!

Have Fun!

To Install:
Extract 'Navigation mission-1.zip'
Copy: 'Navigation Mission-1.miz'
......Eagle Dynamics\DCS World(openbeta)\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Missions\Single
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