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Covert CAS

Uploaded by - IcePower
Date - 01/17/2019 18:00:42
An F/A-18 CAS mission in the Persian Gulf

Tensions between the US and Iran have recently escalated. A fleet of US warships has been deployed to the Persian Gulf.  The Iranians have set up an line of overlapping SA-10 SAM sites along the coast to deter any American aircraft that may try to violate their airspace.

Last night, during a covert intelligence gathering mission, an American special forces unit, operating about 19 nm east of Dehbarez, came under fire.  They are pinned down in a small village and need air support.

Fly to waypoints 1 and 2 at 250 ft AGL to avoid the SA-10 sites along the coast.  Once at the IP (waypoint 2), you should be safe from the SAM sites.  Climb to 10,000 ft MSL, contact the JTAC, Axeman, and proceed to waypoint 3 (the target zone).

Follow Axeman's instructions and then egress through waypoints 4 and 5 (again, flying at 250 ft AGL to avoid the SA-10 sites).  Locate the Stennis on Tacan 1x.

If you encounter enemy fighters in Iranian airspace, you are weapons free; but you are not required to engage them for mission success.  Note that your wingman is not carrying any Air-to-Ground weapons; but he is carrying more AIM-120s than you.

Ch 1 (305 Mhz) - Colt flight
Ch 2 (127.5 Mhz) - Stennis
Ch 3 (251 Mhz) - Overload (AWACS)
Ch 4 (133 Mhz) - Axeman (JTAC)
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