Practice Missions for the MiG-29 on the Persian Gulf Map

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DCS: World 2.5
Practice Missions for the MiG-29 on the Persian Gulf Map

Practice Missions for the MiG-29 on the Persian Gulf Map

Author - Rudel-Chw
Date - 17.07.2019 02:13
Set of 16 practice missions for the MiG-29A set on the Persian Gulf. These Missions are set on 1991 and you will take the place of an iranian pilot transitioning from the F-4 onto the then new MiG-29A, and thus have to practice navigation and weapons training.

To install, simply uncompress on /saved games/dcs/ or /saved games/dcs.openbeta/ whichever you have. The missions will be visible on Dcs menu: Missions -> My Missions.

The file is a bit large at 147 MB, that's because each missions include a custom kneeboard and also because the missions use the excellent iranian liveries made by @sadjad-vosoul and he has kindly allowed me to include the skins within the download, to ease the install and have one less item for the users to go hunting for.

17/July/2019: Updated to work with DCS 2.5.5

As the intended use of the missions is to practice, I've tried to setup goals in such a way that the pilot can gauge its progress, and strive to get better. For the weapons training I also make use of @Ciribob's excellent Range script, to allow the trainee to see his accuracy.

To increase the immersion of these missions, I make use of several Mods ... all of them are easy to install and since they go into the Saved Games filetree. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to include the Mods within my Zip file, so you will need to download them separately ... the Mods are the following:

Mods Used on every mission:

1) VPC Airfield Scenery Mod: This Mod is currently not compatible with the latest DCS version (2.5.5), however here you can download a patched version that is indeed compatible, tough it does trigger the Multiplayer Integrity Check, so those of you who do Multiplayer may wish to install it using a Mod Manager, to easily disable it when needed ... here is the link:!Ai6cuX3YQI26hZVnryP086dpb6CrxA?e=pxqKWR

I will update this link once the Mod's author has an updated official version available.

2) Suntsag's excellent Multinational Soldier Mod, can be obtained here:

Mod used on the Air-Ground missions:

3) 476th Range Objects: Can be downloaded here:

The next Mod is only used on a single mission, the Intercept Practice:

4) The amazing Civil Aircrafts Mod can be downloaded here:

Comments and Bug reports, please post them on this Thread of ED's Forum:
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
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