Operation Sea Scorpion "Magnum" (Persian Gulf)

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DCS World 2.5

Operation Sea Scorpion "Magnum" (Persian Gulf)

Uploaded by - Procrastinator55
Date - 01/17/2019 03:47:45
Want to test out the new HARMs in a combat environment?<

Another mission from my in-development Hornet campaign. Been playable for a while but now that the HARMs are out it's now fully complete. Complete with voice overs CASE III recoveries.

Get 2 player COOP version here- https://drive.google.com/open?id=16X_4vNzBNc5rLJ-1gRFPy8PZrmqXkNhN

Your task tonight is simple. Put enemy SAM radars out of commission. Your flight will be loaded with AGM-88 HARMs and you will target enemy SAM sites within the vicinity of Khasab. Your flight's mission is as follows:

0.Takeoff- Takeoff from the Stennis.

1. Carrier Outbound- Departure waypoint.

2. Fence- Arm point. Be sure to be at a high altitude for best missile performance.

3. IP- Run-in point for attacks. Missiles work best at higher altitudes.

4. Bulls- A2A bullseye located in Khasab. Engage enemy SAM radars in this area. (You must destroy a decent number of radars to complete the mission.) Report to GCI once you're done and need to RTB. (Radio F10 Menu).

6. Contact Mother- Contact mothership at this point to receive CASE III approach instructions. Will receive Marshal stack alt. CASE III information is being relayed on 243.0 AM (Guard).

7.- Land on the Stennis. (Mission Complete)



Pontiac 1 Flight COMMs- 305.0 AM
GCI COMMs- 254.0 AM
Stennis- 127.5 AM
Tanker Shell- 251.0 AM
Guard CASE III info- 243.0 AM

Tanker Shell- 4X
Stennis- 2X
Stennis ICLS- chnl 3
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