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DCS World 2.5

Dzhvari Assault

Uploaded by - Encaintya
Date - 01/17/2019 00:27:13
BLUFOR is occupying Dzhvari. REDFOR is sending an armored column to retake the town, but they are outnumbered by the garrison. To make matters worse, a convoy of reinforcements has been spotted heading into town from the north.

The town garrison includes one SA-8 and one SA-9, and we believe several AAA batteries are present as well. A SEAD flight is taking off from Senaki-Kolkhi shortly to neutralize the two SAM sites.

Mission Time: ~45 minutes from takeoff to landing

You will swing around the west side of Dzhvari (Waypoint 2) and interdict the column of reinforcements heading into town from the north. After wiping out the column, head southeast to Waypoint 4, descend into town, and provide CAS to friendly armor.

Keep low and use terrain masking as you approach Dzhvari to avoid the SAMs and AAA in town. The SEAD flight will report when the SAMs are destroyed.

Victory conditions:
- The reinforcements convoy is destroyed
- All BLUFOR ground forces in Dzhvari are destroyed
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