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DCS World 2.5

DISR - DCS World Installation Size Reducer v0.9

Type - Utility
Uploaded by - Worrazen
Date - 01/09/2019 23:50:04
The main purpose of this tool is to reduce the installation size of DCS World 2.5 without possiblity of recovery of those assets. It does feature a rename (disable/enable) mode which can be used as a test mode to first see the effect it would have on ingame behavior and possibly performance.

This tool is meant as a last resort for people who are low on space for various reasons, however relying on this utility for possible performance improvement is not enocuraged for many reasons including that no testing was done for this. Any official support request regarding the use of this tool or the resulting behavior of the DCS World installation may be invalid. Use at your own risk.

The tool does not uninstall any cockpit textures of any kind. However paid modules still use many of the same assets and if you remove liveries, you will not have them in your paid module either, so the recommendation is to avoid selecting any assets that are associated with your paid modules. This is what makes DCS installations big, because many assets come for free in the base DCS World core.

You must have .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime installed for this tool to work. You only have to locate your DCS installation. Entering the correct Cluster Size will generate perfect accuracy size calculations, but is otherwise not needed for successful operation of the tool. Secondly, you simply sel ect the assets you want to remove fr om the checkboxes below and then you first hit "Analyze" button, after it has scanned the selected assets it will remove (or rename) those that are valid, then you are ready to apply the changes with the "Apply Reduction" button. The action is permanent and unfortunately this initial release (v0.9) does not have a confirmation dialog. There is no way to recover assets once they're deleted ("reduced"). Your DCS World installation will be officially broken, you will need to resort to official DCS World maintenance procedures and utilities to restore assets and repair the DCS World installation.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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