Free Muzeira! A FA18C mission with drone JTAC support in the Persian Gulf - Version 3

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DCS World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Free Muzeira! A FA18C mission with drone JTAC support in the Persian Gulf - Version 3

Uploaded by - marginal
Date - 01/02/2019 04:05:35
This is a good mission to practice your skills using laser guided bombs in coordination with a Reaper drone who is lasing targets for you. The default loadout is 8 X GBU12s, 2 X CBU99s and a litening targeting pod however you can change weapons loadout in the mission editor to whatever you like.

JTAC will automatically designate targets for you at mission start until no more targets are available. There is no need to contact JTAC by radio. JTAC status (available targets) are available via the comms menu, select F10 and JTAC status to see current targeting information.

Beware of SA-19 SAM Tunguska (S6 on RWR) units in the target area. If you remain above 22000 feet until they are destroyed they aren’t a threat.

++++Version 3 mission changes++++

Litening targeting pod added to default loadout. Use LSS/LST to acquire lased targets on code 1688.

Insurgents with the support of RedFor have constructed a fortified position west of Muzeira. A FA18C Pontiac 1-1 (you), has been assigned to destroy the position and allow a BlueFor Recon unit to move into the town from the west. BlueFor Recon will remain 5NM west and clear of waypoint SNIPR until RedFor resistance is significantly reduced.

Weather Conditions:
16:15 local time, clear with light winds from the east. Altimeter QNH 29.88

Red Task:

Defend Muzeira.

Blue Task:

1)Navigate to the SNIPR target area.

2)Destroy the fortified positions west of town in the vicinity of waypoint SNIPR.

3)The flight is supported by FOCUS AWACS, DODGE CAP both on freq 121.8.

4)SNIPR JTAC will provide targeting designation by laser on code 1688.

5)Anticipate MANPADS and SA-19s in the vicinity of SNIPR. Stay above 22,000 feet to remain clear of threat

6)No other airborne or SAM threats are anticipated.

7)Return to Al Minhad AB after targets are destroyed.

Mission frequencies:

121.8 - Al Minhad ATC, FOCUS AWACS, DODGE CAP (preset on Comm 1)

305 - not used (preset on Comm 2)

127 - datalink connection

99X - MIN Tacan (Al Minhad AB)

JTAC status and target information will be provided by text on the comms menu, then press F10 and look for JTAC STATUS.

Beware of air traffic in the vicinity of Al Minhad AB, it’s a busy airport.

Skills you can practice:

1)Navigate to waypoints using HSI

2)Set up Stores page for GBU12 and CBU99 delivery

3)Use GBU12 and CBU99

4)Navigate back to Al Minhad AB

The following add-ons are not required but will enhance your DCS experience:

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.5.6

DiCE: DCS Integrated Countermeasure Editor v4.2 by Bailey

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