F/A-18C Pinpoint Strike w/BGU-12s

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DCS World 2.5

F/A-18C Pinpoint Strike w/BGU-12s

Uploaded by - Speedbrake
Date - 12/29/2018 16:48:55
This is a mission to practice using the GBU-12 Paveway II weapon. It is based on the Beta version of DCS as I'm not sure all the capabilities of the GBU-12s are available yet in the DCS release version.

Time: 0930
Location: NE Sukhumi Airbase at 10,000 ft.
Task: Pinpoint Strike w/GBU-12 Paveway

IP: WP#2
Target Area: WP#3
AFAC "Finger" CH 133.000

Enemy insurgents have entered the fringes of Sukhumi and have APC vehicles close to civilian occupied structures. You are to contact AFAC "Finger" for attack instructions. You are to use laser targeting, auto or CCIP attack mode in order to limit collateral causalities.

Upon completion of the attack, RTB and land at Sukhumi-Babushara Airbase.
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