"The Formation of a Departure F/A-18C Nevada", Mission 1 from the "Serpents Head Campaign" MAJOR UPDATE March 23, BADGER633.

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"The Formation of a Departure F/A-18C Nevada", Mission 1 from the "Serpents Head Campaign" MAJOR UPDATE March 23, BADGER633.

Uploaded by - glynlewis
Date - 12/03/2018 20:25:48
The “Formation of a Departure” is Mission 1.0 from my “Serpent’s Head Campaign” also available free from these user files.

The Serpent’s Head is a six-mission F/A 18C Campaign. It starts in Nevada and ends in the Caucasus region, so both maps are required. (There is also a five-mission version just in the Caucasus map area)
The campaign is story line based and follows the progress of “Ford” (yourself) and his involvement in a new conflict in the Caucasus Region. As in 2008 this is once again in the beleaguered area of Ossetia and Gori.
This conflict is gathering pace at an alarming rate such that the West have sent in a multinational force to the Black Sea in the form of some ground forces but primarily a naval fleet with the USS John C Stennis at its heart.
We join “Ford”, in this mission, during his last flight over Nevada, before his unit leaves at first light in the morning for the Black Sea and the Stennis.

Hope you enjoy, Badger633

Update March 23 : Introduction and brief PDFs added.

All are busy preparing for the departure to the Black Sea which is leaving first light in the morning. Although not privy to the situation out there yet everyone in the unit, including yourself, are anxious to get out there and do their bit.
It’s 18.35 and a beautiful summer evening at Groom Lake. There is no wind and not many clouds in the sky. A perfect flying day.
Luckily for you, whilst most of unit are on the deck busy loading the transporters, you are finishing one last sortie.

You find yourself at 35,000 ft flying at 450 knots heading to the southwest over the Desert. You are some 71 miles from Groom Lake and heading back for a re-join. You look down to your right and in your one o’clock see Tiger Formation.  Tiger Formation is a group of three Hornets in a "V" formation. They are 5000 feet below you.
As you are all headed to Groom Lake you are invited to join Tiger to form a close finger four formation. You take up the left-hand position.
What better way to end your Nevada tour but with some close formation flying on such a perfect evening?

1 You are to form up and keep in a reasonable formation position to pass this mission.
2 The third mission image is of a finger four formation and your left-hand position is highlighted.
3 A kneeboard is available just call up Kneeboard and back page once.
4 You will not have to operate the radio in this mission as all communications are trigger based.
5 The design of the mission is trigger based and so it is important that you follow the route and/or the instructions to realise the full content and pass the mission.

If you like this mission, then check out the main campaign which is available for download from these “User files.”
In the campaign mission briefs have been reproduced in a PDF file within the zipped files.
The campaign missions have been created with resources in mind to help VR users, like myself.

Thanks to the following for the voices, couldn’t do this without them.
•    Erik “SOB” Polta
•    FedUpFF
•    Mistermann and Mrs Mistermann (Laura)
•    AndyB
•    Steel Jaw

Good luck and enjoy!

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