The Serpents Head F18C Campaign. (Nevada & Caucasus) Rev 6.0 April 20

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
The Serpents Head F18C Campaign. (Nevada & Caucasus) Rev 6.0 April 20

The Serpents Head F18C Campaign. (Nevada & Caucasus) Rev 6.0 April 20

Type - Campaign
Author - glynlewis
Date - 21.04.2020 03:15
(Revision 6.0 updates the Campaign to work with latest DCS updates in relation to the carrier)
(NOTE: Serpents Head 2 to be released soon. A continuing 10 mission Campaign with 100's of "voice actor" files).

The Serpents Head is a six mission F18C Campaign. It starts in Nevada and ends in the Caucasus region, so both maps are required. (I have issued a version just in the Caucasus Map area for those of you without the Nevada Map).
The campaign is story line based and follows the progress of “Ford” (yourself) and his involvement in a new conflict in the Caucasus Region. As in 2008 this is once again in the beleaguered area of Ossetia and Gori. This conflict is gathering pace at an alarming rate such that the West have sent in a multinational force to the Black Sea in the form of some ground forces but primarily a naval fleet with the USS John C Stennis at its heart.
We join “Ford” during his last flight over Nevada, before he leaves for the Black Sea at first light.

To successfully play the Campaign through you will need to be familiar with :

1.    The use of the 9-line communication system and in particular its use with JTACs when they are lasing for you.
2.    Use of the Gun, AIM9X air to air missile, delivery of Mark 83 bombs and AMG65 E laser guided missiles.
3.    Use of radio, although most radio messages are trigger based. I have had to introduce radio use to operate runway lights etc in some instances.
4.    Landing on the Stennis in various conditions including night time approach.
5.    Use of Tacan and ICLS landing system. 

Everything else is covered in the briefs please read them before flying.

A few have noted that mission 3 is difficult. If you find it so I suggest you look at my suggestions in a couple of my comment replies below.

Most of all enjoy ! .
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