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DCS World 2.5


Uploaded by - hugodm9
Date - 11/09/2018 18:47:56
Multi-role mission. Destroy russian artillery and engage hostile interceptors.

Georgian recon forces (Alpha 2-1) spotted a russian artillery close to our AO. 3 hostiles BM-27s and a pair of logistic trucks are stationed near Chiatura. They are guarded by infantry and an APC (BTR-80), so it's too risky for our recon team to engage. To take them down, a Mirage 2000C (Chevy 2) equipped with Mk-82 Snake Eyes is ready on BLUFOR main base, Tbilisi-Lochini. Russian only have MiG-28s (Fictional F-5E) close to the area, but they will try to intercept when they realize the lost of the artillery group. We shouldn't lose this oportunity to inflict damage in both russian ground and air forces.

Red Radio (UHF):
Preset 1 - 252.00 Combat Freq

Green Radio (V/UHF):
Preset 1 - 138.00 Tbilisi-Lochini
Preset 2 - 274.25 Tanker (Texaco 1)

Tbilisi-Lochini - 25X GTB
Tanker - 14X RFL

Tbilisi-Lochini - RWy 31 -> 108.90
                         RWy 13 -> 110.30
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