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DCS: World 2.5

Mineralne Chemicals - sandbox mission

Author - ghashpl
Date - 10/27/2018 19:25:24

This mission is mix of open world (sandbox) with some role playing tasks.

Tasks are listed below and can be done in any order you want.

Local ex-military officer named Etur Meestmet started his new buisness. Unfortunately he decided to deal with toxic wastes. His quarter is somewhere in Mineralne Vody ("Mineral Waters") but main magazines are in Pyatigorsk and processing plants are located in Novopavlovsk.
Our main objective is to catch Meestmet. Secondary objective is to take over his factories and magazines. One important thing: if those toxic waste are blown up they turn into neutral steam.

COMMANDER is your chief and main informator. He gets intel from UAV units, satelites, AWACS and other ground units.

Good luck and fair winds!

- AWACS may not spot helicopters
- if TACAN for TANKERS doesn't work switch from Y to X modulation

version: 1.0
- uploaded

version: 1.01
- some text fixes
- timers in ship mission fixed

version: 1.1
- manual SAM spawn system (via F10 menu)
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
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