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J-11A campaign [Red Knight] v1.12

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - 171291342
Date - 10/26/2018 20:49:46
A J-11A campaign based on a fictional story:

The pro-Russian forces in Georgia won the election and will soon come to power.
China also plans to open up a new Silk Road via Pakistan-Iran-Georgia-Ukraine.

In order to prevent Georgia from inflicting opposition, the U.S.-backed Georgian opposition was armed and civil war broke out.
The United States immediately dispatched an aircraft carrier battle group to the Black Sea.
Turkey, which could not stand alone against Russia, also decided to participate in this operation.

Afterwards, the two parties announced joint military exercises respectively.
Both time and place are highly similar.

The confrontation between the two major national groups kicked off.


Campaign introduction

Totally 10 missions in this campaign

Support English\Chinese

Full Chinese Voice (V1.10)

Mission Briefing Pic (V1.10)

Difficulty: Hard

Average mission play time: 25 mins

Most of Enemy fighter will not show on F10 map

No label

You must Successfully RTB in every mission.


How to use:

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unzip, move folder [Red Knight] to your:
username\saved games\DCS\Missions\Campaigns\en\
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