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Warthog HOTAS Controls Assignment PDF Form

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Uploaded by - Thudster
Date - 10/09/2018 16:08:00
TM Warthog HOTAS fillable PDF form and graphic for visually recording your aircraft controls.
Import filled and saved form into Kneeboard Builder and use in-cockpit.
Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS format.
Great for planes you don't fly that often!

**Created with help and feedback from the VMA-231 Aces**

Easy to fill in.
Useful in VR as a Kneeboard Add-On.
The Tab order is logical for HOTAS mappings.
A table is included so you can add a few common aircraft-specific VoiceAttack commands.
Helpful as a kneeboard for aircraft you don't fly often.
Visually helps you see how efficient your button layout is and help identify which controls you do or don't use.

Import the completed and saved PDF or convert it to a PNG file and import into Kneeboard Builder.
Use in-cockpit through your kneeboard as a handy reference.
Great for planes you don't fly that often!

Version Changes: TM_WH_Layout_Form_1Line_V1.6.pdf
Best used in Adobe PDF Reader.
1-Line per field fixed font size.
Fields named to a standard including Button #'s for form data export/import should you want/need to do so.
Field Names only export if the field contains data.
Export/Import requires a PDF Editor tool.

Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS format.
Original PDF graphic found on the web, not my creation, I added fields.
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