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F/A-18C TopGun

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - florenceSSD
Date - 09/08/2018 23:21:00
**Version3.2 Plus Non Deck Crew Version**

TopGun ACM Campaign for the F/A-18C. 15 missions of ACM, with documentation and flight data cards

Added a Non-Deck Crew Version. Download will contain both versions. Use whichever you prefer/need
Fixed reluctance of wingman to engage (If you have already downloaded this campaign, i suggest just replacing hops11-15 with these new files, meaning your running campaign will update with new files)


Added a kicker to the end. The skin was built, so the mission had to be!! You think you've won.........Think again

Changed the tanker to usable KC130.
Updated some triggers
Added a time restriction to the engagements.

15 missions of ACM against American, Russian, Chinese and European aircraft. Flights start as 1v1, but move on to multiple aircraft hops.

Based out of Nellis AFB, with sounds and triggers built in.

Various take off times throughout the day.

Hard deck added for realism.

Each engagement is a timed event.

You will need the US Navy Deck Crew module: <a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301580/">https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301580/</a>"

Or use Non_Deck crew Version

The docs folder within contains am Area Overview map, along with a pictorial view of parking slot.

Unzip the downloaded folder into your C/Users../Saved games/DCS/Missions/Campaign folder

This is my first go at an immersive campaign so any thoughts or comments please feed them back. Keep adding more stuff so please let me know what you want.
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