Air to Air training mission for non air superiority aircrafts

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DCS World 2.5
AJS-37 Viggen

Air to Air training mission for non air superiority aircrafts

Uploaded by - Wexler
Date - 09/07/2018 18:37:18
Made for viggen, but you can change to any aircraft you want to learn basics with.

I am starting with mission editor and enjoying the work in it. After first week of work, I would like to show you my mission for feedback. This is early stage and although it is now able to be finished, the main features are still not implemented. It is definetly targeted for learning purposes. It can be done in aprx. 25 minutes without single landing, but aproach should be with landings and testing different weapons and employment 1. AKAN; 2. RB24J then it should take for the first aproach about 50 minutes. Just try and You will see if there is potential in me. Thank you very much and keep feedback coming.

Current state is as follow:
Playable from start to end: YES
Hand to hand lead through the mission: partially implemented
Main Goal - Tutorial Procedures for AJS-37 basics, a2a combat and its environment: Not yet implemented
Vocalization: Not implemented
Debriefing (Evaluation): not yet implemented, (partially implemented)

Mission is focused:
-VR friendly, should be done without looking into manual to learn ajs-37 basics and A2A combat in DCS environment.
-for DCS Beginners, AJS-37 beginners, casual and low experienced players, AJS-37 returners,
-straightforward approach (not sandbox)
-Complex aircraft duty – starting, refueling and rearming, work with CK (data panel), taxiing, take-offs, navigating by ck and visual, landings.
-To be perfectly done without F10 (map and radio)
-To NOT be overwhelming.
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