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DCS: World 2.5
A-10C Warthog

A-10C DTSAS Database Expansion v1.0

Type - Mod
Author - M16A3NoRecoilHax
Date - 09/05/2018 13:36:50
Expands DTSAS Map Database Limitation from 240nm to 300nm.

By default, the A-10C's DTSAS (Digital Terrain System Application Software) Digital Map Database expands 242.981nm (450km) fr om where you start your mission. With the expanded Persian Gulf Map, a Deep Strike Mission into Iran can easily breach this limit, which results in a DTSAS "OFFMAP" error. This causes the CDU waypoint functions as well as CCIP capabilities to no longer function properly.

This tiny modification circumvents this issue by raising the DTSAS limitation to 296.976nm (550km).

You might ask yourself: "Why didn't he push it to 1000nm?" The answer is: I don't want to stretch it too far because of the fact that 300nm (and the trip back) are plenty for an A-10C to fly, many people will probably not even have reach the default 240nm limit. Also I don't want to cause any unforeseen errors by putting in a ridiculously high lim it.
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Tags: A-10C, DTSAS, CDU